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“You’re the perfect role model for my 6 year-old daughter.” 


“I would have paid to see her, this was an amazing show for children and adults. The talent and jokes were family appropriate. That's one show I'd watch over and over again.”

FACT: While watching the Cowgirl Tricks show, these cows laughed so hard,

milk came our of their noses.

2016 Comedy Magician of the Year.


Larry Wilson has performed in schools across America, with his sough-after program, "Top Secrets For Wizards In Training”, teaching magic and the scientific principles behind the secrets, which include friction, magnetism, static electricity, surface tension, persistence of vision, depth perception and psychology. Larry has performed at the Magic Castle, the most famous club for magicians in the world, in addition to hundreds of appearances on television, a nomination for an Emmy award, his own television specials and live performances all over the world, including, but not limited to: Caesar’s Palace, Harrah’s, Bally’s and other major hotel casinos in Las Vegas, Reno, Lake Tahoe, and Atlantic City. Most recently, he was seen on Jimmy Kimmel’s website performing the Pinata of Doom for the roll out of Ford’s 2017 Escape. 


"Any magician can fool you,” admits Larry Wilson, "I'm here to blow your mind." 

Larry Wilson

Madcap, Mind-Blowing Magic!

Cowgirl Tricks is a tongue-in-cheek vaudeville-style comedic bonanza of trick roping, whip cracking, music, magic, audience participation and lots of kooky cowgirl shenanigans, perfect for the whole family!

Dubbed "America’s Funniest Cowgirl”, Karen Quest has been blazing a trail since 1998 with her one-woman award-winning original comedy act, Cowgirl Tricks. Skillful trick roping, impressive whip cracking, outstanding audience rapport and improvisational kooky cowgirl shenanigans have proven wildly popular at domestic and international venues for audiences of all ages.  


A former circus girl with a B.A. in Theatre from California State University at Northridge, juggling, clowning, acrobatics, fire-eating, unicycling, and stunt work, Karen brings with her expertise and decades of experience performing for family audiences at state and county fairs, festivals domestically in more in 25 states and internationally in 10 countries.  

"In every job that must be done,

there is an element of fun.

You find the fun, and the job’s a game."

~ Mary Poppins / P.L. Travers

We love to perform at all types of events for all ages! Fairs, festivals, special events, public and private, whatever you’ve got in mind, we would love to help you find the perfect entertainment for your event!  We can also help you with scheduling, promotion, and wherever you need support.  We love a challenge, so bring it on! Professional, reliable, affordable and so much fun to work with!  


Giddyup Productions’ artists have worked all over

this great country of ours and all across the globe.  

"You were hilarious! You were the highlight of our trip to the fair. You should have a variety act in Las Vegas."


"We saw Karen at the Lane County Fair yesterday and she was the main attraction as far as I'm concerned. Nobel Prize winning!"


Sterling Johnson


Sterling Johnson began blowing bubbles with his hands more than 50 years ago. He developed his art into a stage act and started doing bubbles professionally in 1999. He does both indoor stage work and larger outdoor bubble work (where his bubbles can be as large as 10 feet in diameter, with tubes as long as 60 feet).


He has performed throughout the United States, as well as in Dubai, Tokyo (twice), Costa Rica, Mexico City, and the White House. He has appeared on several TV programs, and has provided bubble wrangling for TV commercials and for print ads.


Trained as an engineer and lawyer, he finds great satisfaction in offering the simple pleasures of bubbles for children and adults. “Bubbles are the one thing in my experience that consistently opens the door to people's hearts and imaginations, connecting them to their sense of joy and wonder, and I feel privileged to be present when this is happening.”

Eric Haines

Eric Haines is a one man band, comedy juggler, stilt walker and comedian.


Fun facts about Eric: His comedy songs have been played on the Dr. Demento Radio program. He makes his own props, including marionettes,  and costumes. He has only had one “real job,” working part time as a janitor for a farm and ranch supply store while completing his performing arts degree.


He spent eight years touring nationally as a comedian. He built a log house, before discovering he was allergic to pine.

Check out Eric's website here.

One-Man Band

The Amazing Arthur

Coventry & Kaluza

Coventry & Kaluza bring a variety of skills and thrills to their show which features knife juggling, wacky acrobatics, extraordinary music, high- numbers hula hooping and bucket loads of ridiculousness. You may find yourself rolling in the aisle with laughter, sitting on the edge of your seat with suspense or jumping to your feet to applaud this extraordinary high energy show by award-winning circus artists Coventry & Kaulza.  


Jamie Coventry and Natasha Kaluza were clown school sweethearts and are graduates of the Clown Conservatory at San Francisco’s Circus Center. They have performed with the New Pickle Circus, Pickle Circus School Tour, Circus Bella, Flynn Creek Circus, Circus of Sound, Vegetable Circus, Sweet Can Productions, and now taking state and county fairs by storm! Coventry & Kaluza won Best Comedy/Clown Act in the American Circus Festival two years in arow, and Best Duo in the Picklewater Free Circus Festival.

Check out their website & like them on Facebook.

Dad's testimonial

Mom's testimonial

"Mommy, can I be Karen Quest for Halloween?"

"You're one of the few acts that doesn’t get on my nerves. "

- 7 year old girl

- The Curley Fries Lady

Coventry & Kaluza

Buki the Clown, voted Best San Francisco Bay Area Children's Entertainer, is one of the most requested performers in more zip codes than you can shake a stick at. Vivaciously versatile, with 20 years of experience, Buki entrances audiences from the very young to the young at heart.  One of her very special super powers is bilingualism -fluent in English and Spanish! Whether engaged in her silly slapstick magic show on stage, or excitedly waiting wide-eyed, marveling as one of Buki’s bodacious balloon creations comes to life, or sitting patiently in anticipation while Buki paints their faces, waiting for that magic moment to see their transformation in the mirror, children, teens and adults are enamored with Buki the Clown.  


Highlights of her theatrical career include: treasured regular at the Children’s Fairyland in Oakland, CA, an off-Broadway production of Godspell, Alice Tully Hall in Lincoln Center, NY, director of the Clown Brigade for Oakland’s Holiday Parade, a tour of “Echo”, an original musical American Sign Language show, throughout the New York Metropolitan Area, Henry Street Settlement Playhouse, collaborated with the National Theater of the Deaf, a 30 minute WNYC television show and performing for multitudes of people around the Bay Area, New York City, Pennsylvania and as far away as Mexico at fairs, festivals, parties, parades, and of course, more! 

 Buki takes her clowning seriously;  she trained at the San Francisco Clown School and studied face painting with a master face painter, Olivier Zegers, who designed makeup for Cirque du Soleil. 


Turn on your imagination, get inspired and be ridiculous

with Buki the Clown! For more information, check out Buki's website here

The Clown


Larry Wilson
Amazing Arthur
Eric Hanes


"I had a smile on my face the whole time and laughed constantly at your quick wit and natural sense of humor. (I can't remember any performer since Red Skelton whose brand of comedy I've enjoyed more.)”

"I loved your show! You taught me to swirl the rope. I'm in fourth grade and going to be in a talent show. Thanks for inspiring me!”

Everyone looks up to Over The Top™ Stilt Characters, straight out of the mind of Karen Quest. You might meet Lucky Starr, Cowgirl; Pegg Legg, Pirate Queen (who has a real wooden leg); Grandma with her Giant Walker; Frances, the Farmer’s Daughter, and more on the way.  


Have an idea for a custom character for your event? Let’s create something special for you! Each original, lovable, playful and colorful character is engaging and uplifting. Not just a pretty face and great costumes, these characters make personal, long-lasting memories with all your guests.


With Karen's background in theater and circus, combined with an overactive imagination, her goal is to delight, amaze, entertain and take you to new heights.

Find out what a real high five feels like!

Over The Top™

Stilt Characters

by Karen Quest

"The noblest art is that of

making others happy." 

~ P.T. Barnum 

"We were one of the couples nearly falling on the floor collapsing from laughter (pure enjoyment,that is) at the Puyallup Fair. You are a huge talent! You make me laugh just thinking about your antics. Are you related to Carol Burnett by any chance? (Same gene pool!)"


"Loved the show! Humor was delightful! Tricks were awesome. What a wonderful family show!"

"What a great show you put on. The fair would not be complete without seeing you there. You are fun, funny, talented."

"Karen Quest's spiffy cowgirl tricks — roping and whip cracking — are surpassed only by her feisty banter, which lights up the production on stage. She does it with panache."

 - The San Francisco Examiner

America's Funniest


The Amazing Arthur, Professional Showoff, is in constant demand as one of the most popular family acts at fairs and festivals across the country.


Energetic and interactive, The Amazing Arthur incorporates wholesome humor, amazing mentalism, comedy, juggling, and yoyo tricks.


With an uncanny ability to work an audience, a quick wit, and YEARS of entertaining, this performance is unlike anything you've ever seen before.


Don't miss this show and your chance to have an experience that is truly AMAZING!

Check out Arthur's Website here.

Image credit: Joseph Oliphint Photography

Steve Chaney

Steve Chaney

Ventriloquist Steve Chaney, with “Cornelius, Gus & Foster”, has been performing his high-energy ventriloquism show for over 25 years throughout Canada, and at state and county fairs in Alaska, California, Oregon, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Washington, Wyoming, Idaho, as well as a special appearance on the popular Discovery Channel's TV show, “MythBusters”.

Steve and his characters combine songs, magic, audience participation and lots of humor to make this family show memorable. As Jason, age 6, stated after watching Steve's show at the Alameda County Fair:

"I laughed so hard, I thought my brains fell out."

You can check out Steve's site here.


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